My study abroad experience in Europe has sadly ended; however, at the very least now looking at my bank account will not be so scary. I am sad to leave Europe, but I am glad to have experienced so much in three weeks. From Brussels, to London, to Cologne, to Aachen, to Bruges, to Paris, I certainly traveled a lot but not as much as I wished. I will miss some things in Europe like the one and two euro coins, the vast history surrounding me every day and the scenic cafes lining every cobbled street. On the other hand, I will not miss other things such as paying to use public restrooms, the fact there is no public water fountains and how expensive it is to use public transportation. Some future advice for others who have not traveled abroad before, first pack lightly even more lightly than what you think pack lightly means or you will have to pay a hefty fee to check your bag. Do not be afraid of visiting another country with a different language, it is not that hard to learn a couple key few phrases to get by and if you are visiting western Europe most people speak English anyways. Make sure to plan ahead and book reservations for busy restaurants, museums, and other sites, or you face the risk of making your way to a site just for it to be booked all day, and therefore you missing out on it or you might be able to skip a line or two, saving valuable time. Remember those couple things and you have a great study abroad experience, with a lot less things to worry about. Thank you UA and my professor for this trip Dr. Doug Gibler for giving me an experience I will never forget!