Heading to Worcester College in Oxford, England was beyond nerve wracking. I really had no clue what to expect. What would the room situation be like? Would the campus live up to the photos I had seen of it? Arriving on campus, my nerves were immediately calmed and I felt nothing but excitement.

If you don’t know this, Worcester is one of the many Oxford colleges and it is where the UA in Oxford program stays. The campus was insanely beautiful. The grass is greener than anything I’ve ever seen before and the whole campus is filled with flowers, trees, and never ending natural beauty. Everyone in the program got their own individual room with only the bathrooms being shared. I shared a bathroom with two people, but some people only shared with one other person. It was so nice not having to worry about getting along with a random roommate for a whole month! Outside my window, there’s a view of a pond with pretty trees draping over it and ducks swimming on the water. It seriously is something you would see in a movie. Around the pond, there are little walking trails that go around the whole campus. I walked around those trails that first night with friends I had made from the program. Along the trails, there are wooden benches everywhere that sit under big trees. My favorite place to study on campus grew to be on one of those trail benches. It is safe to say that the campus began to feel like home immediately. Also, our bedrooms were seriously a one minute walk from our classrooms. (Which made my 9 am class super easy to get to!)

I can not recommend staying at Worcester with UA in Oxford enough!!

My room!
The green grass on campus!