As soon as I came back to the US, I immediately wanted to go back. I got to go straight to the beach with my family, but I was missing my friends and the city I had grown to love. London was absolutely amazing, the transportation is really something I will miss the most. The ease of hopping on to the Underground to get down to any part of London, and after learning the lines and where to switch, it was so easy to navigate. The people there were surprisingly nicer than I thought and we even made a few friends there. Being back in the US, especially in the small Tuscaloosa town, has made me realize that I am definitely a big city girl. I love the ease of public transportation, the different places all in the same city, such as Soho and Belgravia and Paddington, the list could go on. It only took me a day to adjust back to the time change, I kept waking up early instead of sleeping in a lot and staying up late, but I guess that was a better adjustment for me because I went back to work when I got home. All in all, it was such a great experience and I would totally go back to London on my own time, and I know the memories and friends I made while there are lifelong.