Hello! My name is Elise, and I am studying abroad in Germany. The program I’m in is UA affiliated and called UA German Language and Culture. I chose to study abroad because I want to learn more about different people and cultures. I also am double majoring in nursing and German, so studying abroad is a great way to both get credits and have a once in a lifetime experience. Leading up to my trip, I tried to take extra shifts and save more so that I would have enough abroad. This is so far working out quite well. Another great tip I have is buying some allergy medication and some ibuprofen before your trip. Many of the students in my group have been having some allergy difficulties and having the zyrtec has really helped us with the change in climate. 

Leading up to my departure date, I was filled with feelings of excitement and a little bit of nervousness because it is my first time flying alone. Even with some delays, I still managed to make it to my connecting flight in Paris on time. I was originally supposed to do the trip in Summer 2020 but due to COVID, it got canceled. I was so excited to learn that this program would be offered again because not only will it give me a unique experience of another culture, but it also greatly aids in completing the credits required for one of my majors. 

I’ve been in Germany for a little over a week now, and it has already been such an amazing experience!