UA Greece: The Cradle of Civilization program was incredibly informative and full of interesting cultural material. There was a lot of work but the experience was also very fulfilling. In the evenings, the entire group or smaller groups would go out to dinner together. I got to try new foods like lamb, goat, gyros, local seafood, and local pasta dishes. During meals we sometimes got to interact more with some local people as well. 

Some of us got to hike Mt. Olympus.  The group got to explore the seaside at some places.  There was time to check out a local pier, swim in the sea, and look at some of the wildlife. I saw a lot of sea urchins, …and some stray cats. The group got to stand inside some amphitheaters and experience the acoustics ourselves. We had time to freely explore catacombs, tombs, castles, fortresses, and monasteries. We participated in a race at the ancient Olympic Stadium, where we had our own gold medalists. There was also some time to do a bit of shopping and to go out an explore towns on our own at night, too. Again, this provided opportunities to interact with local people and see how people lived in the different areas. Towards the end of the trip, the group had some leisure time at a beach. It was nice to relax, spend time with new friends, and reflect on everything we had just experienced. We also got to take a boat ride together, which was a lot of fun. On the bus rides, many of us had time to talk, get to know each other, and make some good memories even in transit.

The trip was a bit fast paced. The schedule was busy since we packed so much great stuff into the trip. There was homework.  But, it was also a ton of fun. I had a great time, learned a lot, and I’d definitely recommend the trip to anyone interested in the Classics.