UA Greece: The Cradle of Civilization program was fascinating.  One great thing about this program was that we traveled throughout the entire country of Greece. So, we got to see a ton of interesting historical sites.  Of course, we started off the trip at The Acropolis in Athens. Here we also saw the changing of the guards, Mars Hill, the Parthenon, etc. My personal favorite spot here was the National Archeological Museum.  I study ancient history, so for me this was fascinating. I got to see things like authentic ancient artifacts such as: swords and armor; several types of pottery; and several different sculptures, statues, and murals.

On the trip, we also got to see spots like the Temple of Poseidon, Palamidi Castle, and the ancient Olympic Stadium. We also stopped at some different Monasteries, which were very ornate and well appointed, particularly for the time they were built. 

I really liked Vergina, because I got to see the tomb of King Phillip II. I have studied a lot about in my classes back at UA, so it was really cool to see this in person. We got to see the birthplace of his son, Alexander the Great as well.

Beyond the academic component of the trip, I also learned a lot about myself as well.  I’m an introvert by nature and not the most social person. I was nervous about going to foreign country without anyone I really knew. However, I made a lot of new friends on the trip.  We had a solid group of people who I plan to stay in touch with. The trip went smoothly, and I am more confident in my ability to change my environment now. I feel a bit more self-reliant, experienced, and adventurous.

Overall, the trip really brought a lot of the information I have studied in my majors to life. Even though COVID delayed my trip two years, I’m glad I went at the end of junior year.  I had taken most of the courses in my major by this point, so I was able to appreciate much of what I learned about on a deeper level. I truly enjoyed this trip and look forward to possible opportunities to study abroad in the future.