I am currently on a study abroad in Trento, Italy which is a city similar to the size of Tuscaloosa in the Province of Trentino in Northern Italy. On the weekends we have been lucky enough to be able to travel around Italy freely as we want and on this particular weekend I decided to go to a town 30 minutes north called Soprabolzano.

In this town I went on a short hike and stumbled upon these rock formations seen in the picture called “earth pyramids”. I had never heard or seen something such as these which got me curious, so I looked it up and on the town’s website it says that they were formed by hundreds or thousands of years of repeated rainfall hitting this area. Since the earth pyramids have a rock on top of them it is believed that the rock shields the dirt below it from being washed away while the dirt surrounding the area that is exposed directly to the rain gets washed away. These formations can exist in all different types of regions, but the ones that I saw are said to be the largest in Europe.

I have really enjoyed getting to explore different parts of this country and getting to see unique things like this that I might have never seen otherwise if I did not go on this trip.