I just finished my study abroad yesterday and flew from Barranquilla to Cusco to continue traveling on my own. I am now reflecting about my experience in Colombia. I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to go, and I am even more fortunate to have been surrounded by great people the entire time. 

As a program, we took a weekend trip to Cartagena. Since the following Monday was a holiday, two of my friends and I decided to stay an extra night. We met up with our friend Luis on the beach, who we had met at our university in Barranquilla. He was on university vacation and he is from Cartagena. It was great having him with us because he really knew the city and could teach us new things about it. He is also just a great friend. 

After the beach, we went to dinner with Luis at a great Italian restaurant. There were tiny kittens running around, and it really felt like we were in Italy even though we were in Colombia. Afterwards, the four of us walked around and went back to our hotel to talk for a few hours before bed. 

The next day we met up with Luis again and went to a really cool seafood restaurant, which is the picture shown. Then we walked around the walled historic city of Cartagena and took pictures before saying farewell and heading back to Barranquilla. The walled city is really interesting. It is quite similar to Old San Juan since both cities were constructed during the same period. 

I really loved my study abroad and I am going to miss all the friends I made during it.