Prior to arriving in Copenhagen, I arrived in Amsterdam for a layover. Here, I had 30 minutes to get across 4 terminals to catch my Copenhagen flight. After racing through the airport and having a lady fast-track me to the front of the customs, I arrived at my closed gate. I saw a bus departing for my flight and chased after it. The bus driver stopped and let me in. Upon arrival in Copenhagen, I noticed that my luggage was not in the airport, so I contacted an aviation services group and found that my luggage was still in Atlanta. After navigating the hectic train to our housing, I was initially shocked at how clean and quiet the streets were. I did not see or hear a lot of cars, but witnessed a lot of people on bicycles. 

Over the ensuing days, we embarked on numerous excursions around the city, including a canal tour, beer tour, and trip to Hamlet’s castle. On these trips, I became immersed in the beauty of the Danish countryside. On our train rides, we saw small villages, rolling hills, and beautiful ocean. The food tasted very fresh and had unique flavors which I fell in love with. 

Throughout the next two weeks, we began taking our unit operations lab course, which proved to be rigorous. My lab partner and I worked diligently to effectively conduct our experiments and write our reports. In our free time, I enjoyed meeting fellow Alabama students, as well as students from other schools such as Clemson, Auburn, Virginia Tech, and Washington. I utilized the resources of DTU to study, relax, and enjoy amazing meals. I am excited to see what the rest of the trip has in store for me.