Stonehenge is a bunch of rocks. It’s also a World UNESCO Site, very important archaeological site, and prominent feature of the physic landscape of Britain. It is also just a bunch of rocks. For some people, that is a problem. When the topic of Stonehenge came up among some people, I heard notions of “disappointing” and “overrated.” Unless your expectations include getting transported in time or a Spinal Tap concert, then I think you would find the place perfectly satisfying. I found it very nice. My group and I stopped on the way back from a beautiful day trip to Bath where where saw the ancient baths themselves and a lot of other beautiful architecture. Stonehenge was comparatively desolate, but I found that part of the appeal. On all sides of the site rolled fields and gentle hills. Sheep grazed not far past a fence, and tractors moved quietly a small distance further. A moderate breeze swept around us as we observed the old temple that stood before us. We took our time and sat on the grass and talked and admired the old stones. It wasn’t a mystical experience, but, sitting there with a wide-open sky and the wind all around us, I was struck by how pleasant and beautiful it was. I think I saw why it was chosen as a location many, many years before. There of course was also a nice museum before we got to the site that explained the history of the site. Not too bad for a bunch of old rocks.