Choosing a study abroad program was a difficult decision, I wanted to experience something new while fulfilling my interests that I have not been able to pursue while at college. When I came across the Belize study abroad opportunity, I could not have imagined a better option. I would be able to spend part of my summer abroad while participating in meaningful research. This was something I had deep interest in for a while since at a young age I was obsessed with wildlife and ecological conservation, and this program fulfilled my childhood curiosities. Thankfully, I was granted a spot to study abroad in Belize this summer.

At first, I was nervous about being in a foreign place with people I had never met. Yet, I knew at the end of the day being outdoors, studying unfamiliar wildlife and ecosystems, and traveling would make any uncertainties worthwhile. With the most influential reason for choosing the Belize course being research, I grew eager to find out exactly what I would be doing while studying out of the states. After a few meetings with the professor and fellow students the uncertainty started to dwindle. Looking over the research options I narrowed it down to a few I thought would be relevant to my major and interests. I have already begun to get to know some of the other students, professors, and TA’s. My uncertainty has turned into pure excitement over the past few weeks, as I am thrilled with my decision to pick Belize and my trust in the process. I cannot wait to land in this new learning atmosphere to fulfill the aspirations of my inner and younger self.

View from the plane on the way to Belize.