Pre-Departure Thought on Studying Abroad

My motivation for studying abroad was to finally travel abroad as simple as that sounds. Ever since my senior year I have been trying to go abroad to Europe; however, due to COVID-19 my trip has been cancelled many times so this year I saw the study abroad program to Brussels as my guaranteed ticket to get to Europe. Hopefully, while I am there, I will be able to experience the history and culture I have been trying to experience for years. 

For preparation I honestly did not do much to prepare. I packed my suitcase the morning of my trip and did not worry too much about any other sort of preparation for the trip. In general, I only did the necessary preparation work that was required of me through study abroad. 

For my studying abroad I had very mixed feelings about my trip. On the one hand I was very excited to travel overseas and experience a whole different world that I had never experienced before. However, I also was very nervous as I was traveling alone in a foreign land and going on a trip with a group of strangers. Ultimately, I can say my feelings were a healthy mix of anxiety and excitement. 

My goals for my trip are not just simply to study and gain new knowledge, but to also try to be more open and adventurous as a person. Personally, I have my doubts that I will not exceed in my modest goals but since this is only the first day of my travels, I have lots of time to improve myself.