The city of Rome is unlike any other place in the entire world. The most incredible part about this city is that there is always somewhere new to explore and learn about. I loved getting to know all the locals at the shops and restaurants around our campus. Walking into an establishment and having one of the employees personally say hello to me and ask me how my studying has been going is something I will never forget. When classes were over for the week, we had the opportunity to explore other places Italy had to offer. We traveled to cities like Florence, Sorrento, Amalfi, Turin, and many more. The weekend travel was my favorite part of my entire trip. I find it so interesting to see how the regions in Italy compare and contrast with one another. The classes that I took over the course of the trip were the best classes I have ever taken. My personal favorite was my food class. We would go to different restaurants and markets all over the city to try the food and learn its history. I got to try a lot of foods and drinks that I had never heard of. Learning Italian was straightforward but very hard at the same time. I learned that Italians loved to talk with their hands. Therefore, as long as I watched their hands I could easily understand what they were saying. This country is fantastic and I never ever want to leave!

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