As if Worcester College doesn’t feel enough like Hogwarts, we have about two fancy dinners during this shebang. If I had been a good little kid and read my HP, I would’ve known what those nice dinners in the Hogwarts dining hall were called. Anyways, this felt like that. We got all dressed up, like for prom, you know? Or a nice dance. Anyways, we did that. We wore formal dresses and suits and all that jazz, and made our way to our dining hall. When we got there, they had this wine waiting for us. I didn’t drink any, ’cause wine isn’t my thing, but everybody else did. Then we took pictures and went inside. Well, next, we all had to stand up and wait for my friend to say a Latin prayer; and then, they hit a gavel on some wood or something, and we sat down. This dinner was nicer than all the other ones we’d had so far, because it was multiple courses, with a lot of bread and cheese and tomatoes. The main course was salmon, with potatoes and beans. For dessert we had this creamy thing which was really good. I knew this was going to be one of my favorite things on the trip, and this High Table sure was. I’m really excited for the next one. A few tips: I got both of my dresses for the High Tables at Zara, for amazing prices. You don’t need to pack a bunch of clothes. You can buy whatever you don’t need here. We have a mall that’s about a ten minute walk away, and tons of charity shops (thrift stores) with anything and everything. Don’t waste your space. Don’t worry about your clothes; you can grab what you need when you need it. People rewear everything. I highly recommend not packing two huge suitcases; don’t do it to yourself! Anyways, High Table was super great, and I think the next one will be even better.

one of my favorite professors here, Allen Jones!

on the lawn after High Table
John and I clinking our evening Joe!
just in case you wanted to see an example newspaper…you know boris is the talk of the town here!