Studying abroad at the University of Oxford in England was easily the greatest experience of my life. The United Kingdom was everything I expected it to be. Every day felt like waking up in a dream. I got the opportunity to study at one of the most renowned and prestigious institutions in the world alongside people I am proud to call my friends. The last day was incredibly emotional, as I wasn’t yet ready to say goodbye to a place that I’d grown to love so deeply.

My time in England opened my eyes to parts of the world I didn’t even know existed; it also helped me realize new possibilities for my future. As someone who is graduating rather soon, I’ve decided to apply for graduate school in England. I plan on applying for a master’s in English at Oxford, as well as other universities in the country, since I am very eager to return to the place that fills me with so much passion, joy, and inspiration.

There were afternoons when I would walk across the lush, extensive grounds at Oxford and sit under the enormous oak trees, admiring the dappled light as it streamed down through the branches. Ducks glided across the dark blue ponds in the distance, and the air was always crisp and cool (except during the worst days of England’s record-breaking heat wave). Everything felt so still and peaceful. I’ll definitely be counting down the days until I can return to the United Kingdom.