And here we go! Cue the stress!  This isn't my first time traveling outside the country, but I am seriously wondering if I've remembered everything. I have a list, edited said list, revised yet again, and condensed. I don't want to overwhelm myself, or over pack. But, did I pack everything I need? Passport, check. Rain jacket, rain boots- check and check. Puppy sitter lined up and verified? Check. I had to be sure all my monthly expenses were paid or set to pay before leaving (tomorrow, yikes!). Hopefully all is ready to go! 

There is so much going on with flights: rebooking, cancellations, delays, lost luggage. There are numerous daily stories in the news. I'm starting to get very nervous. I do not enjoy flying and this is the first transatlantic flight I'll have under my belt. Thankfully, the University of Glasgow will have a welcome committee meeting me at the airport when I arrive so at least that worry can be set aside. I've researched the layover times,  found out how congested the airports are, learned tips and tricks to stay hydrated and relaxed, and am still nervous. Did I mention I don't like to fly?

Otherwise, I am beyond excited to get to Scotland. I hope to take a day trip to explore the island and see things locals get to experience. Tourist attractions are ok, but to me the real experience lies with the local community. I can't wait! I live off campus normally, so this will be my first dorm experience and having to navigate an entirely different campus is a bit exciting. I downloaded the U of G app to help me get around. It also shows me where to eat- bonus!! 

Bags packed, tickets ready. I'm nervous and excited! Here we go!!!