My first impression of Denmark was, “is everyone that good-looking?” It was common to pass people that are model-level couples out on a stroll together. Copenhagen and Lyngby themselves were quite clean besides some graphity by the s-tog and metro (trains). Denmark itself did not have many local cuisines so I was disappointed in that aspect but the food that is there was wonderful. My favorite thing about Denmark was the people because everyone was extremely nice and would go out of their way to help strangers with many things from learning the local language (Danish) to finding directions. Taking the class (CHE 324) was a hard balance while abroad as we had six lab reports to write with each totaling about twenty pages, however, it was a good experience knowing I can balance work and life. While in Denmark I went to many local pubs and restaurants, Christiansborg Palace, Amalienborg Palace, and the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Championship. After all of the excitement, it is time for me to pack and prepare to head home. Tune in next time to see my reflection on this trip as a whole .