Studying abroad was an AMAZING experience. I learned so many great things. There are definitely many things I would’ve changed before going abroad. For example, do not pack a lot of clothes. You will find so many amazing boutiques and stores to buy new clothes at. I was in Europe, so many of the popular stores in the U.S were way cheaper in Europe. I bought way too many clothes and brought too many. Another thing to do research about is buying a SIM card based on your country. I had an International Plan with my phone provider, however I many other people in my program were able to get a SIM card and use that. The SIM card was way more cheaper and you had more benefits. If you are paying for the trip yourself, it is extremely important to lay out a budget for your trip. Depending on how long you are studying abroad, I highly recommend having a weekly budget. It is very important because there are many unexpected trips, excursions, or random things you will do studying abroad. I wish I communicated with my parents more before my trip about how much to spend and how I should budget. Overall, studying abroad is an amazing way to grow as a person and get different perspectives. However, be prepared for a lot of unexpected things and just remember to have fun!

This was a picture taken by my friend in Santander, Spain!! It was so amazing!