I can’t believe I leave for Italy in less than twelve hours. Just one sleep and two flights and I will be in Europe! Like the procrastinator I am, I spent the entire day packing and making last-minute purchases, although I probably wouldn’t recommend this method. I am hoping to get some homework done on my nine-hour flight from Atlanta to Venice, but I also wouldn’t be upset if I could sleep most of the time. I’m sad that this will be the last night I can cuddle my dog for a while, but I’m so excited for the opportunities that I will have this upcoming month.

As a student in civil engineering, I am really looking forward to seeing the architecture in Italy, from the modern buildings in Milan to the ancient ruins in Rome. I can’t wait to see all the famous paintings and sculptures like the “Statue of David” by Michelangelo and “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci. I am also so excited to eat large amounts of Italian delicacies. Some I am looking forward to the most are pizza, pasta, gelato, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and wine. The small town of Trento, where we are staying, has a lot of German

I’m also really excited to be going on a program that is faculty-led because I will be able to experience all of these exciting events with other University of Alabama students. Although I do not know the students well, I’m sure that I will leave this program with some new friends. The town we are staying in is home to a university, so I hope that I can make a couple of Italian friends as well.