The answer is yes! Studying abroad is a really thrilling experience and it can get very overwhelming at certain times. I am currently doing two sessions of UA in Spain. Each session consist of two classes that are 3 credits each so in total I am taking 12 credits. My program has classes Monday-Friday from 9am-1:30 pm. I decided to do both sessions because it was the only way I could complete a major within 4 years. All of the teachers are super sweet and are really understanding of everything. Every teacher knows we are only here for two months and has helped give us recommendations on things to do/see. When it comes to the academic part of the classes it really just depend on the class you take. For the first session, my classes were very relaxed and I did not have homework or work to do. However, we did have midterms and finals which were both presentations. When it came to exam week I was stressed because I am very serious about school, but everyone in the program was in the same boat. To add, the second session is a little more challenging. Nonetheless, that is because I am taking 400 level classes which requires more time. Which means during the week I try to focus on school work until 4-5 then I go explore. It helps to get a group together to study and do work. What my group did was go on an adventure and find a cute cafe to do work at. We made it a goal to find a different part of Madrid a day. This helped us get our work done but also enjoy the time in Madrid. Overall, it just takes balance and everyone is in the same boat. Get a group to work on things together and make it an adventure.