For the past three weeks I have been studying international institutions and European politics in the capital of the European Union, Brussels, Belgium. Thus far, the trip has been everything I could have asked for: great food, amazing architecture, and even better people. Being in a new environment is always exciting, and being in Brussels is no different. As fun as the program has been, much of the curriculum revolves around EU institutions, which we had the pleasure of visiting. By the third week, I have visited the EU Parliament, Council of the EU, and on Tuesday, the EU Commission. We were given personal tours where delegates from each institution explained the role of their branch and its relevance on the global stage. Studying in Brussels has furthered my knowledge and understanding of foreign politics even more, as Brussels is the home to countless museums and attractions dedicated to European history. As the trip rounds to a close in the coming week, I look forward to what else may be in store. My last weekend in Europe will be spent in Paris, France and I hope it will be the cherry on top to an already great experience.