Trevi Fountain – Benson Knowles

My whole life, I have always been interested in traveling to different places and learning about their culture and history. I chose to study abroad because I wanted to take advantage of where I am in my life right now. Being young and not having significant commitments, I can use this time to go and see what all the world has to offer. Preparing for my trip to Italy was a very hectic process. Honestly, I did not believe I was studying abroad until I was halfway through my nine-hour plane ride. Therefore, when I began to get everything together for the trip, I was not in a rush. However, my parents had more anticipation than I did. I was very thankful to have them help me get a move on with my preparation for Italy. Without them, I would not have nearly been as prepared as I am now. I was very excited but also sad to leave for five weeks. Excited because I had an incredible experience waiting for me, but sad because I had to leave my usual summer plans behind. Also, I was nervous because it was my first time in Italy. I am very unfamiliar with the language, their mannerisms, and basically how they live life. I hope to become very acquainted with the people and learn to do things like the locals. My biggest goal is to not stick out as the “typical American.” By the end of my trip, I want to be able to walk into a cafĂ© by myself, order the right thing the right way, and eat without any locals knowing I am American.