I’m studying abroad in Porto, Portugal for credit in the International Business course for my MBA. The faculty-led program is called the European Innovation Academy, and is a three week startup business program that we pitch to actual investors. I chose this program partly because it fulfilled a required credit and was relatively cheap, but mostly because it was led by my favorite professor for the last 6 semesters, Professor Wright. This is my first time ever being overseas, so I was both excited and nervous for the trip. After a lot of research, however, I got myself familiar with everything I needed so I could truly enjoy the trip without unnecessary stress. I got here 6 days ago, which was slightly early so I could explore the city before classes began. I have attached a picture of our first night ever in Porto, and its beauty blew me away. I knew it was going to be eye-opening, but nothing could have prepared me for the history, colors, and sights of Portugal. All we did that night was walk around the city and eat our first meal by the river, but I couldn’t have imagined a better first impression of Europe. The weather was (and continues to be) incredible; there is none of the humidity that plagues Tuscaloosa and the temperature generally fluctuates between low 80s and low 60s. The air smells of the sea and there is a constant breeze, probably due to Porto being positioned on the Atlantic. Overall, I am excited to explore this city more and continue my studies in this program.