Royal Alcázar of Seville
Catedral de Sevilla

Being halfway through my program I have definitely made the most of my time here so far. My first week I went on a catamaran with a couple other girls in my program and we got to jump off the boat. I have also gone to two different beaches. I have gone to a Flamenco show which I would recommend if you want a cultural experience.  Additionally, I got to go to Sevilla and Cordoba with my ISA program for a weekend and we got to see the Royal Alcázar of Seville and the Cathedral de Sevilla.  In Cordoba, we went to the mosque and it was cool to see the architecture with pillars that have been reused from other places around the world. Lastly, I have gone to the art museum in Malaga that had many different pieces of art, from paintings to tiles to pottery and mosaic. My favorite adventure so far has been Sevilla because it was an adventure with my whole ISA group and I got to explore a new city with my new friends. I love being in Malaga because it is so easy to travel to different areas in Spain and to different countries, but you do not really need to travel to other places because we have a great mix of a city and a beach vibe. Before coming here I did not know anything about Malaga but now I cannot think of a better place to be in the summer. I would recommend people to come here and do the excursions I have done so far and do some more.