The first place I am traveling to is to Paris, France. Paris was awe inspiring. The most fun I had in the city was just walking around and walking into random stores and bakeries. Of course the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame, the Louvre, and the Muse d’Orsay were all amazing as well. The food was magnificent and fortunately the people of Paris were not rude, as popular culture states. After Paris, I am off to Berlin, Germany for roughly 7 days and two day trips to Prague and Dresden. Like Paris, Berlin was amazing, but in a very different way. Berlin was full of history, like Paris, but modern history, from World War 2 to the Cold War. Although some in my group did not enjoy the food in Germany, I absolutely loved it, especially the beer. Finally I am off to Florence, Italy with day trips to Venice, Rome, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. After coming from Berlin, Florence was a return to the ancient history, like Paris. Florence was amazing to see a combination of ancient Roman history, medieval history, and the Renaissance. Of course, I had the privilege to eat some absolutely amazing Italian food, that was actually the best food I have truly had in my life. I was lucky enough to see some of the most beautiful and historical sites across Europe. From Checkpoint Charlie to the Coliseum, the Louvre to the David, and the canals of Venice to the streets of Paris.

There were some challenges that I faced when traveling. I thought it would be difficult traveling in countries where English is not the first language; however, it was not too difficult to adjust. I found that it was even easier for me when I made an attempt to learn how to say what I needed in each respective language. While they could definitely tell that I could not speak the language fluently, I do believe that it helped my overall experience.