Today I have chosen to show my favorite food I got to try in Ireland. Almost all of the food that I had in Ireland was great, and honestly better than what I typically eat in the United States. However, I have a healthy (or indeed unhealthy) sweet tooth, and I am always impartial to new types of sweets.

Cadbury chocolate is well-known throughout the world, and it originated in the UK. However, because of its proximity, it is also sold throughout Ireland. I tried as many kinds of it as I could while I was in the country, but my favorite of all is called "Flake." It is standard milk chocolate, but in a thin sheet folded over and over into the shape of a chocolate bar. I absolutely love the texture.

When we visited the Aran Islands, off the west coast of Ireland, we stopped at a small ice cream shop. Once there, I chose to get the same as my professor - a 99. Supposedly named because it cost 99 pence at one point (before Ireland switched to the Euro in 2002), all it consists of is a vanilla soft serve cone with a Flake inserted. My professor taught me the proper way to eat it - after licking away most of the soft serve on top, one pushes the Flake down into the center of the cone with a pinky.

This allows one to consume the crunchy cone, sweet, melty ice cream, and chocolaty Flake all at once. The texture is something I would wholeheartedly recommend trying if at all possible. This cemented the 99 as my favorite Irish food - all it really is is milk chocolate, soft serve vanilla ice cream, and a simple cone, but the combination of the three in texture made it stand out.