Emily Reiner

11:02 PM (0 minutes ago)
to me
I’m back home after my trip and I am having Belize withdrawals. It’s great to see my friends and family again, but that was a trip of a lifetime and it’s odd being back home. I miss waking up everyday and going on our group snorkels. Getting to experience the beauty of the reef was such an amazing opportunity that I no longer get to have everyday. Not living with the group that I got so close to is also an adjustment. I’m an only child as well so going from twenty-one people around me at all times to just myself is strange. I almost feel a sort of emptiness now that I don’t have amazing activities to do everyday. It makes me want to go through my videos and photos in order to re-live some of the memories we made. I am so incredibly grateful for this experience however. I was able to learn from not only my professor and TA’s, but my fellow classmates and the locals taught me so much as well. I am coming out of this with an immense amount of knowledge and experience compared to what I had when I came onto this trip. This is going to aid me in my life experiences, how I carry myself, and how prepared I am for my future career. I’m so impressed with how experienced my fellow students were. I’m so glad I was able to feed off their knowledge because it bettered me in terms of my major. Although I’m sad to be home I wouldn’t have changed a single thing about the trip. I’m so fortunate I was able to participate in this life changing trip, and I thank everyone that was involved in making it possible.