Today is day seven of my seventeen-day study abroad trip in Belize. I am having so much fun. Looking back, I was worried for no reason, I think I was just stressing myself out. Everyone here is amazing. We all got so close super-fast! They are all so funny and everyone gets along really well. I have become friends with all the girls, but there are a few that I am especially close with. We are already planning times and days to hang out when we get back to school! The scenery here is incredible. Snorkeling every day is so great because we see and learn about new species daily. I am starting to be able to identify tons of different types of fish, plant, and insect species and its only day seven! Our guides are great as well. They teach us so much, and love to joke around with us. They make it such a fun and interesting environment for us. Our TA's are also amazing. They are hilarious and incredibly intelligent about marine life and conservation. Any questions we have, they are always keen to answer them and make sure we are learning as we go. They also are good people to go to just to talk if you're struggling or aren't understanding something. Today we jumped off a waterfall, planted over 300 trees, and walked through Mayan ruins. It was such a great day, and everyone is so here is so great to travel with. It's such an amazing vibe and great trip. I am so so glad I decided to go. I have made some incredible friends and have done some amazing things. This trip is going to stick with me for years to come. Studying abroad also gave me a sneak peek into my future career. I now have some experience under my belt, and have learned so much about the species that dwell in the Belizean coral reefs.