My first impressions of studying abroad, is the culture shock of no one speaking English, as in nobody. Obviously, I was expecting everyone to be speaking a different language; However, it was really interesting to realize that you can’t just ask somebody for directions or help in English. It’s really important to learn simple phrases in their language. I also, was mind blown at how Europeans drive in traffic. They are all completely reckless drivers and in Berlin all the taxi’s are all brand new Mercedes, which was really cool. My favorite thing about Berlin so far is being right next to so many historical monuments. I feel like I’m already really close with everybody in my group, I think it’s because we're all in the same situation, so it really brings everybody together. I’ve taken a day trip to Paris and Prague, and was shocked at how beautiful those places were. Prague didn’t feel like it was a real place. Already, this trip has exceeded my expectations and I’m looking forward to what’s coming next. Class is a little harder than I expected, but it is accounting, so we are just working hard at night to get assignments done. The day time is when all of the fun happens. I feel like my days are jam-packed, and I want to see so much, with so little time in each place! It’s really cool how I’m seeing so many different cities in such a short program though. The food in Germany has been alright, and food just tastes different in general over here. An example is the chicken doesn’t taste the same as American chicken which is strange. Just logged back on, to tell everyone my first impressions of Italy. I absolutely love it, favorite place I’ve been so far. We had an incredible drive through the Alps into northern Italy. The food is incredible, and just absolutely beautiful. I’m sad the trip is starting to come to an end, and it feels like I’ve grown really close to my study abroad group. Leaving is going to be really hard!