I am currently half way through my two week study abroad program in Croatia but I’ve been out in Europe for about three weeks now. It’s been a great experience so far but there have been some aspects that I have might’ve overlooked coming into the trip.

  1. You will be moving around a lot- If you decide to take a quick three credit study abroad like I did be prepared to be moving around a lot. My group is supposed to stay in six different cities over the course of two weeks so that means six different hotels and lots of time on a bus/ plane. Be prepared to not feel overly settled in any of the cities you visit. It’s nice in a way because we get to visit so many of these storied European towns but the constant moving around can feel overwhelming at times.
  2. Do not be afraid to try the local foods- I would classify myself as somewhat of a picky eater which I thought would hinder my appreciation for the local European foods. I decided to be open-minded and try as much new cuisine as I could on this trip which has paid dividends. I’ve come to love the food in almost every city I have been at so far. I am now I huge fan of beef and white fish carpaccio while also enjoying my first ever authentic wiener schnitzel in Wien. Also, all the local beers I have had in Prague, Vienna and Zagerb have been super good as well as super cheap. I am attaching an image of a black risotto dish I had while in Dubrovnik. It was my first time trying this particular type of risotto and it was amazing.
  3. Enjoy your time- A key thing for me is realizing the balance between stressing over doing well in my course while also trying to indulge in the vacation aspects of the trip. We all obviously want to pass our abroad classes and do well but I think it is key to remind yourself that you ultimately came to visit new places and explore. An extreme analogy would be; you can always retake a course but you cannot relive studying in a foreign country with new friends.