On my first day back I woke up super early because I was still on Sweden Time. The first thing going through my mind as I do not want to have to make myself breakfast. I just want to be able to go downstairs and get some organic eggs with chicken liver pate and my freshly squeezed apple juice. I miss Sweden so much especially Olga. I think this study abroad trip changed a lot of my perspectives. I definitely have changed my opinion on how I want to be a parent. I know what kind of school I want to send my kids to and how I want them to learn. I think that I have a better perspective on things just about life and family. I think it opened my eyes to how different people can be and the quality of life for people based on a couple of policies. I think that people in Sweden have a better outlook on life. They try to be less stressed and enjoy simple things. It was refreshing to see people who are not focused on the materialistic stuff and are just more so focused on living a happy life. I think a change my friends and family have noticed is that I am trying to be more of a happy-go-lucky. Life is full of unpredictable moments but how you deal with them is what makes the difference. I think one major culture shock I have come back into is realizing that the education system here is so incredibly different than it is in Sweden. I think the main thing that I had to adjust to while in Sweden was how I go about school. I wanted to call some of my professors by their first names in my Summer classes because I did in Sweden but I remember to not do that. I think the advice I have for future abroad students is to GO FOR IT. I was so apprehensive about this trip and almost backed out. I am so glad I did not because I learned so much about Sweden myself and people! I have made lifelong friendships with so many people and I will never forget this trip.

Our last night at our farewell dinner!