I have always viewed education abroad as an integral component of my college experience, believing that it would allow me to accrue a deep cultural understanding of a unique area of the world. As a chemical engineering student, I was required to take three separate courses as a prerequisite to the unit operations lab course offered in Europe (CHE 304-306). After taking these courses, I hoped to study abroad in Copenhagen in particular, as the city has impressive architecture, academic prowess, rich history, and culinary diversity.  

During my preparation, I was particularly cognizant of which items I would need to bring, how I would access money, and how I would acquire information to troubleshoot certain issues (quarantine, travel, etc.). I want to maximize my time exploring the city and being amongst the locals, so I decided to only pack the essentials: appropriate attire, bathroom supplies, and silverware. I am confident in my ability to face unforeseen obstacles and thrive in a foreign environment, so I am not particularly nervous at present.  

I look forward to this opportunity and will accumulate as many experiences and perspectives as possible. I want to better understand the people and culture of Denmark and Scandinavia as a collective. I enjoy both a city and countryside environment, so I hope to explore both in Denmark. I am excited for the academic rigor of the unit operations course and to formulate strong bonds with my classmates. There are several students in the program whom I am already good friends with, so I am excited to spend time with these people and to meet new friends. I am the most excited to explore the city and nightlife with my friends and try unique foods. I will dine at Noma – a world-renowned, Michelin three-star restaurant – and certainly capture every moment! 

A photo of me just before boarding my first flight