A short trip of only 27 days to hit everything in Europe seems nearly impossible, but my group and I fit in as much as possible. We stayed in Berlin and Florence, however, took day trips to Paris, Prague, Dresden, London, Venice, Rome, and Pisa. One of my favorite days was going to Paris. This trip to Paris was our very first full day in Europe, only four of us took this journey which started at an early 2:30 am wake up when we flew to Paris for the day. Although we were jetlagged, we were determined to get a new country into our agenda, and it was the perfect day. We only had 9 hours to do everything we could in Paris, but we did not let time hold us back from seeing what we wanted. We started at the Louvre, which was my favorite spot of the entire trip, got lunch at a local café, saw Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, did a River Cruise, and got to shop the streets of Paris. This day was like a dream, we fit in so much and got to see some of the places that have always been on my bucket list. Our lunch spot was a small café that we came across on one of the side streets behind the Eiffel Tower and it had a great view. It was a picture perfect moment as we ate outside on the streets of Paris, and enjoyed baguette sandwiches followed by macarons. In total, we walked about 10 miles that day, running off very little sleep, but I would do it all again in a heartbeat. Not only did we see some awesome sites, but this gave the 4 of us students the opportunity to get very close on the first day of the trip. Since it was such a small group that went, we were able to get a lot in, and also get to know each other very quickly. Paris was one of the main places we wanted to get to on one of our free days and although it was a long day and quite an adventure at times, all of us were so glad that we decided to make the day trip out there.