I never realized how much I would come to love London and how hard that it would be to have to say goodbye. There are so many little differences between London and the United States that make it (in my option) so much better. 

By the third day of our being here I had a grasp on the Tube system. By the first week I had gotten used to the 6 hours of darkness in the evening. I fell in love with the decomposable silverware and straws. With the ablity and encoruagment to walk everywhere. Besides the jet lag and the moving back in time, the hardest thing was readjusting the American culture. There are so many things in the UK that are similar to the way things operate in the US but their demeanor and general attitude are vastly different. It was a struggle having to remember how to drive the first time I tried to go somewhere, realizing that it wasn't just a quick 10 minute walk, and freaking out when I saw someone going towards me on the "wrong side" of the road.

There were many things I missed without realizing like air conditioning and free, endless water at resturants. I am happy to be home but a piece of me with forever be in London and one day I hope to go back. If I could live there forever and just put AC in my apartment I would be satisifed but in till then I will be so thankful for the experience I had and all of the things I learned both inside and outside of the classroom!