I am currently studying abroad in Madrid, Spain, and taking 12 credits of Spanish courses. The program I am in is the UA in Spain: Language and Culture Faculty-Led Program. I wanted to study abroad for numerous reasons. My main reason was to live and learn in a different culture. I have been learning Spanish since high school and I am now about to be in my junior year of college. I have loved learning the language, so being able to understand the Spanish culture and experience it firsthand was a massive driver in my decision. Another reason why I decided to do this program, is that it is a faculty-led program, which made everything super easy. Our advisor helped us out so much and made the whole process seamless. To add, doing this program during the summer is helping me finish my Spanish major within my four years of college. Another reason I picked this program was that for two months the entire program cost $7,000, which includes: 12 credits, breakfast through dinner, living, metro passes, books, laundry, and trips every Saturday. This program was well worth the cost. Additionally, I saved up a good amount of my money for shopping, going out to eat, and buying gifts for my family. Before I went, my parents and I made a budget for how much I should be spending every week.