Ljubljana, Slovenia – The last picture I took in Europe 🙁

As I got my suitcase from baggage claim when I arrived home, there was only one thing on my mind: sleep. My journey had begun at 4 AM in Croatia, or about 9 PM local time in New Orleans, when the taxi came to take us to the airport in Zagreb. It was now 6 pm in New Orleans, or about 1 AM in Croatia. Needless to say, my internal body clock was completely messed up. 

That will be the first part of adjusting to returning home. Jet lag is real. That night I got home, I fell asleep at 9 and woke up wide awake at 4:30 the next morning. In the days after, I would continue to wake up early and nap for long stretches during the day. You’re going to want to give yourself some time to get used to your old time. That’s not the only thing you’ll want time for.

You should give yourself time, not just to adjust your internal clock, but to unwind. Chances are, you just spent the last few weeks or months getting very little sleep, going on adventures everyday, and hanging out with friends. It was all great, but you have got to sleep at some point. Take some time to just rest. Hang around your house, watch netflix, or nap. Do whatever easy task you find enjoyable. Also, if you are introverted like me, you’re probably a little overwhelmed on social interaction and need to spend some alone time. People may be asking you about your adventures or wanting to hang out with you now that you’re home, but it’s ok to tell them to wait a bit. 

Take the time for yourself, you deserve it.