I have officially been abroad for a week! We have done so many fun and exciting things during the week I have been here, in London. Even with being so busy and doing so many exciting things, the feeling of missing home and familiarity are inevitable. Three days ago, we were all out in London doing some tours when I got this overwhelming feeling of missing home. I informed my professor that is leading our program and she was more than understanding and suggested it may be easier if I went back to our apartment for the day. I came back to my apartment and called and talked to my sister about how I was feeling, and it helped me so much! Talking to someone from home and in my family was so relieving. When you have so many new people and things around you it can be hard to not feel a little lost in your environment. For me, the homesickness and jet lag were working together, so talking to my sister and getting a good night’s sleep helped me to feel like a whole new person the next day! Since then, I have tried to call someone from home or text them once a day and it has really helped me. Also, if you have something like a stuffed animal that you sleep with every night or a nightly/morning routine, try to bring those things with you abroad! Studying abroad is an amazing experience but make sure to try and incorporate a little bit of home in your days abroad and try your hardest to get good sleep to beat the jet lag!