We're 10 days into our trip and the psychological and sociological struggle is real. I spent 5 days and nights on an island no more than 50 yd. x 25 yd. with 26 students, professors, and graduate students and limited amenities. Every person on this trip is incredibly nice and brings something unique to the group, but many of us are going through a difficult time maintaining a positive attitude and kindness and respect towards each other. It's been interesting to watch the cycle of emotions play out similarly but uniquely with each person, and it's been awesome to see everyone come back to a place of enjoyment and excitement for the amazing experience we've been offered. My advice for students pursuing similar programs with similar circumstances is to be prepared. I don't know that stress, tension, and frustration are avoidable, but it's important to be prepared and navigate the roller coaster to the best of your abilities. I look forward to maintaining friendships with every person here, and I look forward to looking back on the ups and downs with a huge smile on my face.