This past Saturday, my classmates, professors, and I traveled to Segovia, Spain. There we were able to see the beautiful entrance to the city that was built during the Roman Empire. Fun fact about this wall of arches is that it was made without any cement or any other material that would act as a glue. This structure is held in place simply but the physics it was built with to apply pressure in certain areas to make it sturdy and long-lasting. We then headed to the castle where Isabel I took her reign of Castilla after the death of her brother. It was so grand and medieval and was a true treasure to experience. Also, while we were in Segovia, we were able to see the conclusion of a wedding in the cathedral. I learned that it is free of charge to have a wedding at cathedrals in Spain (although you must pay a mandatory donation so…. is it really free?) This historic area of Segovia was really pretty and I enjoyed the orchestra concert that was put on by a class of young children. Accordions seem to be common instruments in Spain and I was surprised to see them as a part of their performance. I loved this visit and maybe I’ll come back one day.