I am studying abroad in Madrid, Spain and this last weekend my roommates and I took a trip just south to Tangier, Morocco. I was especially excited about this trip because I knew it would be a much different culture than I have seen before, and I was also excited to go to another continent. I have taken a few trips to Italy, Belgium, and the UK, and I always knew kind of what to expect, and they were all fairly similar to each other. However, I wasn’t sure what to expect in Morocco because of the predominantly Muslim culture. We were there from Saturday morning until Monday around noon, and we had a fairly relaxed trip. We had good weather so we went to the beach for a little while on Saturday and Sunday and got to ride camels which was a lot of fun. My favorite part about Tangier was walking through the Ancient Medina and taking a look into all the shops with various souvenirs and bartering for prices on them. Before travelling there, I had heard bartering was common and sellers will be willing to accept a price much lower than they start with. What I didn’t realize was this extended to buying pretty much anything, even a taxi. This was a little outside of my comfort zone because I just felt silly asking for his price and then rejecting it and offering lower. It was a very foreign concept to me, but after awhile it became pretty fun and I really enjoyed it. Overall I really enjoyed my time in Tangier and the food was wonderful.