Today is my travel day and it has started off with a huge BANG. First, my flight gets cancelled and I have to rebook. Second, it is Friday the 13th so what else could go wrong? I now get into Stockholm much later than I previously was and I am not very happy about it, BUT I am still really excited to travel overseas for the first time ever! I spent the whole week packing my suitcase and I’m still not sure I’ve packed what I need. There is always that feeling when you travel that you’ve forgotten something and I can’t shake that feeling. If the only bad thing that happens today is that my flight was cancelled and got rescheduled without any trouble I feel like that’s a win for my first trip abroad. There’s definitely people with horror stories of traveling and this isn’t too bad compared to those. I have never been on a flight this long so I’m excited to see how it goes and if I actually manage to fall asleep on a flight at all because usually I can’t. I’ve got multiple Spotify playlists to switch between for the flights so that’s going to be really nice, I am thinking about downloading some movies or Criminal Minds episodes too. Packing was actually really fun for me because I got to go shopping for some business casual clothes that I didn’t have any of and shopping is always fun! Fingers crossed that my flights go off with no more problems today.