I am so ready for this study abroad experience that I’m about to partake.

But only mentally. I’ve still got to move my stuff into storage before leaving. I’m glad I’ve done so much so far – definitely want to plan everything very early though. Most of my thoughts are about worrying about arriving on time with all my belongings, just normal airport thoughts. I don’t really have any worries about going. I don’t think I’ll miss my friends and that’s not crass. I know that I’ll go there, and then when my time is up, I’ll go back home, a changed man. There’s just simply a time for everything.  

This will be my first time out of the country. I chose to study abroad because I want to learn more about the world and other cultures. I chose Belize because the specific topic of the class is one that interests me – conservation. Belize has both rich ecosystems and culture. This specific semester works the best for me – summer so my main classes aren’t compromised, and it’s before any internships start, so I get the best of both worlds. The main thing I had to consider in this decision was cost, but there were a variety of scholarships available to me, which sold the deal!

Studying abroad will present me with so many new opportunities, but I hope to specifically gain an understanding of people in Belize live, as well as an understanding of the current state of the barrier reefs. I hope to make new friends forever memories.