Now that I am back home, I am adjusting back to a slower pace of life. On our trip, our days were packed full of learning about the history of the culture and exploring some of the current business ventures in the country. There truly never were any dull moments. As I adjust back to the US, I am more aware of the wealth we possess as a country. However, as I have seen with other travel experiences to developing countries, even with lower incomes, people generally seem happier than I experience in the US. I felt that I saw a people still hurting in the wake of the pandemic, and they were extremely excited to see tourists once again.

The first time I drove a car once I returned home required some thought. Though the motions of driving are a routine process, Cambodia got me out of the habit of observing traffic rules. Additionally, it was strange to adjust back to drinking the water like normal and not having to question whether or not certain foods were okay to eat. I do not believe I was in Cambodia long enough to develop any more significant culture shocks, but being able to understand what is going on around you at all times is a comfort that you do not necessarily have when abroad.

Looking back, I think that I packed pretty well for this trip. It was extremely hot and humid, so light clothes were a necessity, but I wish I had brought a pair of super light long pants, which are needed to explore the temples. Overall, this trip was an incredible experience, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.