Hi everyone! My name is Sawyer Griffy. I am a mathematics major in the STEM Path to MBA. I am about to embark on a fascinating trip to Cambodia for the next two weeks. I have traveled to Europe on three occasions, but have yet to travel to Asia. This will be a completely new experience for me and I am extremely excited to see what awaits. I think that I am the most excited to visit Angkor Wat temple. As a young child, I was a huge “The Jungle Book” fan. Before departing, I learned that King Louie’s temple in the Disney animated film was based off of Angkor Wat. Along with this, I am looking forward to learning more about Cambodia’s history and rich culture. 

This is a business centered trip. Cambodia has an incredibly large textile industry largely concentrated in international exports. I am looking forward to being able to talk with different businessmen and businesswomen to learn their processes towards business and industry.

The departure preparation checklist was long, but I think I tackled it.  Bags are packed, documents in order, electronics charged, and books in hand for on-board reading.  I left my house at 2am and hope to arrive in Phnom Penh about 30 hours later. My first stop was the Detroit Airport where I met up with a fellow traveler.  It’s time to take a walk before then next leg of our trip. I am looking forward to the adventures to come. Phnom Penh Cambodia, here we come!