In Sweden I was introduced to a unique concept called Fika. Fika is a Swedish coffee break that is part of their everyday culture. This is important during school, work and regular everyday life. A break from the stresses that life has put on anyone during the day is necessary for everyone and the Swedes have figured that out better than anyone. Fika is built into their way of life, during their work day they stop and take a fika and it gives them a break from everything going on around them. Fika allows people to talk to people around them and really check in on them. I truly enjoyed learning this part of their culture, it showed that no matter what you’re going through in your life, there’s time for a break and time to breathe and get through all of the struggles in life. Also just stopping to enjoy your day is something everyone should incorporate into their lives, especially in the United States because we so often just go through our day without enjoying what we have around us or appreciate it.