Hi blog! My name is Jack Steinmetz and I am a Junior studying mechanical engineering on the STEM Path to the MBA.  I am about to embark on the journey of a lifetime to Cambodia for 2 weeks! I am absolutely thrilled as I sit here in the airport waiting on my 30 hours journey to begin. This trip will be a unique experience, especially for me as I recent traveled to Cuba over spring break with the University. There are many parallels that I hope to compare and contrast throughout the trip. The fact that they are both developing countries made the packing a lot easier the second time! There few essential items that I brought with me for the adventure. First is medicine. I’ve had to start on a Milaria prevention medicine prior leaving. In addition, I brought several other medications in case they are not readily available in country. Second is a water filter. This will essential in maintaining proper hydration in such a hot country. Finally, my personal favorite, a miniature stuffed Big Al! I will be documenting Big Al’s adventures the throughout the trip so stay tuned! I am feeling excited about exploring this part of the world. I have had the privilege of traveling to Europe but never to Asia! Since this study abroad pertains to international business, I am interested in seeing how their industrial markets impact the greater world. The factories supply garments and textiles all across the world. I also look forward to exploring the rich history of the area.