Towards the end of my stay abroad, I decided to visit Morocco with my roommates. We waited until the weather cleared up, and it was high 80s the entire weekend! Tangier is a gorgeous city that lies on the coast of Northern Morocco, some 20 miles off the strait of Gibraltar. Walking through the ancient Medina is a must. The ancient Medina is the old section of town crowded with people looking for good food and shops. Many shops sell unique souvenirs and little knick-knacks that can draw you in very easily. I also loved walking around it and seeing all the cats and dogs roaming the street. The architecture is extremely interesting, and somewhat similar to Greece. Packed streets create an intense environment, but it’s fun to be a part of. I also rode a camel on the beach, which was very exciting. We walked up to the salesperson and bartered for a price, and went on a simple 15 minute ride. Bartering in Morocco was odd at first, but once I embraced the fact that you are supposed to do it, it became fun. Negotiating prices with the vendors was definitely a unique experience. The beaches in Tangier are crazy. The sand runs hundreds of meters back from the shore, and the shoreline is truly massive. The water was a little cold, but I got used to it quickly and it was fun to swim in. The food in Morocco was also delicious. I tried some things that I’ve never eaten before, such and tajine. Tajine is a stew-like dish with meat and vegetables, and it is the most common food there. Not only was it good, it was insanely cheap. I routinely had full meals with drinks for less than 10 USD. Even cheaper was breakfast. I had a three egg omelette with cheese and mushrooms for only $2.50, and it was delicious! Overall, Tangier was definitely one of my favorite places that I’ve ever been to.

Riding a camel on the beach