This year’s spring break was unlike any other for me. For starters, my University gives everyone two weeks off instead of one (which is honestly too long). I began my break in Barcelona where I met up with some friends who are studying in London. While in Barcelona, we gazed in awe at the beauty of the coastal city. There are many wonderful sights to see while in Barcelona, so it was difficult to fit them all in during a two day trip. After Barcelona, we took a plan to Rome and stayed there for the next three days. Of all the places I have travelled to while abroad, Rome is towards the top of the list. The list of historical sights we encountered included the coliseum, the vatican museum, various basilicas, the spanish steps, and much more. It was almost overwhelming at times. The food in Rome is fantastic and we made sure to try as much of that as we could. When done with our stay in Rome, we took a train north to Venice. Venice is much smaller than Rome, but has many charming aspects. The canal is very cool to see and the building create a maze that is very difficult to navigate. I will say the food in venice did not compare to the food in Rome. The final stop in our spring break tour was Madrid. This city very much reminded me of New York city and was another great place to visit. We indulged in delicious spanish cuisine and roamed the city streets. This was an unforgettable experience that I will always cherish.