At this point in my virtual internship abroad I’ve come to realize there are a myriad of pros and cons to having your international internship relegated to a 13 inch laptop screen. The biggest and most obvious downside is the inability to actually go out and explore the country you’re working for, but I’ve decided to flit that around and take the last two weeks of my internship and go on an massive road road trip with my friends before we head back to Tuscaloosa for our senior year. 

I’ve honestly been living the Teen Beach Movie dream these last few days, catching some fantastic surf on Cocoa Beach in the mornings and hopping out of the ocean straight onto my internship meetings in the beach house in the afternoons. It’s made all the better by having a couple of my best friends here with me who are also partaking in virtual work, which allows us to travel around the country together in a way that wouldn’t be possible with a traditional internship experience. I seriously can’t stress enough how amazing it is to do your internship tasks in a hammock under the palm trees every day, a major step up from my usual kitchen backdrop. 

With only two weeks left at Cocoa Beach before we make the trek to our next location, I can very happily show off my extreme tan lines and the pale stomach that comes with five days of all day surfing and lounging on the beach and bask in the perpetual aroma of coconuts and sunscreen from afternoons spent happily lounging under the palm trees. It’s been a blissful reprieve from the new anxiety surrounding the delta variant of COVID-19 and has been a great start to a long vacation with a couple of my friends who are scattered around the country before we all go our separate ways for the start of the Fall semester. I’ve got a long drive ahead of me this weekend, but stay tuned to see where I end up next!