As I am entering my senior year at the University of Alabama, I could not be more excited to finally fulfill my dreams of studying abroad! From my very first year in college, I knew that travel was an area that I wanted to pursue in my life. After reading the experiences from some of UA’s education abroad students, I knew spending a semester abroad was perfect for me!

Making the decision to study abroad was an easy one; choosing where to go, on the other hand, was not. There are many places on my bucket list, so I selected my school based on the courses that it offered. I finally selected the American College of Greece in Athens for its wide range of Greek Mythology, Ethics, and Philosophy courses. As I prepared to study abroad, I was filled with much excitement and anticipation. With COVID playing a part in modern travel, I made sure to do my research regarding travel and tourism restrictions before I left. Overall, the preparation for the trip went smoothly. I chose to travel through an affiliate program, AIFS, and the coordinators were very helpful and informative.

I arrived in Athens yesterday, and I am in quarantine (per ACG protocol) for the next week. Thankfully, I am with my roommate and the other residents within my dorm. I have many expectations for my time in Athens. I am excited to learn in a new environment. The majority of my humanities credits are being fulfilled this semester, so I am excited to study in a place filled with so much history. As I am submersed in the culture, I hope to appreciate the food, mythology, and history of the country- as well as pick up some greek along the way!

my dorm room in greece